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Felix Kuntoro
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About this photo project

Ballet is not only sport, it is a passion. A ballet dancer loves to do ballet everywhere, not only in the balletschool or theather. Everywhere, also at the place, where no one think to see a ballet dancer there.

My models are not only professional ballet dancer. Most of them do ballet after their schooltime as hobby. I will also take photos from the beginner or children. Because I don’t want only to show, how great they can jump or how good they can stay on pointe shoes. I want to show with my photos, how deep is their love to ballet. That is my goal and the reason, why I make this project.

I love to take pictures from dancer and everything about dancing. Normaly I make photos from shows, events, dance competition. But I want to have some other pictures from dancers, especially ballet dancers.
I will take the moments, if balletdancer is dancing on lostplace, on public or somewhere else.  I will combine this pictures of the moment with my photography skills to build some beautiful pictures. Sometime I will also use my post productions skills to build some composition or fantasy works.

Just stay tuned, to see, what we do with ballet and photography together.

This photo project is non-commercial. It is a real passion from all my ballet dancers and me.

Foto_Thomas_2A Little About Me

My name is Felix. I live and work in Germany. As a student I made photos for the press. So that I can collect experience about concert, show and stage photography. Because dancing is my hobby too, I started to make photos from dancers about 10 years ago. Now I travel around Germany and Europe to take dance photos from many competition, shows or dance camps.


My Favorite Quote

Dancing is not a sport, is a passion. You have to do it with your heart and your love.
Every minutes you have, everywhere you are.

Many thanks to

All my lovely ballet dancer models
Ballettschule Salzgitter, Germany

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